Flappy Bird Evolution

Flappy Papper

Flappy bird evolution (FEVO) - BLOCKCHAIN NFT GAME

Flappy bird evolution is a The classic bird game is now blockchain game, Flappy bird evolution is P2E, F2P and NFT game.

We will have different stages, characters, player incentives, rewards and much more.

We want to be a fun game to play and also profitable. The first to enter will have bigger rewards and over time it will gradually decrease as the tokens are burned and their monetary value increases.

You can play for free or use your NFT characters to earn even more.

In free mode, each point made in the game is converted to 1 FEVO token. Using the game's NFT's the gains are even greater.

FEVO is the native token of the game, created on the Polygon network, and it is used as in-game rewards and to buy character NFTs, NFTs are only sold in FEVO/NFT's pair

The total Supply is 100 trillion FEVO, and every FEVO token earned in the game the same amount is burned monthly.

There will be big burns as users join the game.


Name: Flappy bird evolution

Symbol: FEVO

Network: Polygon

Total supply: 100 tri

Max supply: 100 tri

Contract address: 0xAa1e97614Eaf8D85DBf58F7F0b3080B2AffCfEfc

Block Scan: https://polygonscan.com/token/0xAa1e97614Eaf8D85DBf58F7F0b3080B2AffCfEfc